Peng (Alex) Wu, PhD, Professor, Vice Dean

mail: Wupeng@njust.edu.cn


  • Data      Mining and Knowledge Engineering

  • Information      Search and Intelligent Information Processing

  • User      Behavior and Human Interaction


  • Computer      Composition Principle


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Referred Conference Proceedings

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§  National Natural Science Foundation of China “Research of Negative Emotion in Crises based on the Model Checking (No.71273132). Jan,2018 December,2012(¥ 480,000)

§  National Natural Science Foundation of China “Research of Crowd Simulation in the Process of Evolution of Network Public Opinion of Unexpected Event (No.71273132). Jan,2013—December,2016, (¥ 560,000)

§  National Natural Science Foundation of China “Research of the mental model of website user in the process of information access---for the example of government website (No.71003049) ”. Jan,2011—December,2013(¥ 200,000)

Awards & Honors

§  Study on Mental Models in Website User Information Acquisition, Third Prize of Jiangsu Province's 15th Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award (2018)

§  Qinlan outstanding Young academic leaders in Jiangsu Province, China,2016

§  Qinlan outstanding young univeristy teachers in Jiangsu Province, China,2012

§  Third prize in the sixth university research achievement assessment in philosophical and social science in Jiangsu,2009

§  The TOKYO FOUNDATION. The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund ,2004

Administration and Service

Invited Paper Reviewer for:Knowledge Based System, etc.