Yonghua Cen, PhD, Associate Professor

mail: cen at njust dot edu dot cn




  • Cognitive      Sampling, Biased Decision-Making, and Information Distortion

  • Social      Impact, Belief Diffusion in Dynamic Social Networks

  • Informational      Finance

  • Data      Mining, e.g., Text Modelling, High-Dimension Data Analysis, and Latent      Variable Analysis

  • Information      System Engineering


  • Information      System: Analysis, Design and Project Management

  • Enterprise      Resource Planning: Theories and Applications



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2014-2017 National Natural Science Foundation in China (NNSF)

Exploring the Design and Implementation of Crowdsourcing Mode Based on Actor Network Theory Framework (¥ 220,000)


2015-2018 National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaNNSFC

Understanding Distortion and Biases in Individual Information Processing under Social Impact (¥610,000)

2011-2013 National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaNNSFC

Influence of Consumer Cognition on the Technological Acceptance of E-Commerce Recommendation (¥179,000)

2017-2018 A Special Project from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Semantic Dimension Reduction for High Volume Domain-Specific Scientific and Technological Information (¥250,000)

2016-2017 A Special Project from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Topic Modelling and Visualization for Domain-Specific Scientific and Technological Information (¥200,000)

2014-2015 Industry Project granted by Made-in-China.com, Focus Technology Co., Ltd.

Profiling and Behavioural Analysis of B2B Users based on Online Path Mining (¥RMB: 70,000)


Administration and Service


Invited Paper Reviewer for:Computer in Human Behaviour, Aslib Journal of Information Management, Journal of Computer and System Sciences, The Electronic Library, etc.