Professor Ying Ding from School of Information and Computing, Indiana University, Visited our School

On the morning of June 6, 2019, Professor Ying Ding, Changjiang Scholar in Ministry of Education in Wuhan University, as well as Professor of School of Information and Computing in Indiana University, came to our school to give lectures. Professor Ying Ding shared the research work related to data-driven discovery and data-driven decision made by her team with the theme of “Data Intelligence”. The lecture was hosted by Professor Chengzhi Zhang in our school. More than 30 teachers and students from the Department of Information Management participated in the lecture.


Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized almost every corner of our lives. In the AI era, data plays a vital role, such as AI's currency, oil, food, and DNA. It promotes the development of various disciplines including Information Science and helps them re-examine it to position yourself and maintain discipline competitiveness. Professor Ying Ding first talked about the challenges and opportunities faced by iSchool at the moment, stressed the importance of data, and cited the problem of the current data management system, indicating what iSchool should do, what it can do, and its important role. Then, Professor Ying Ding used the relevant research done by his team as an example to introduce the application of big data in life science, including medicine, chemistry, biology, etc. In addition, there are data-driven decision-making, where data Intelligence also plays an extremely Important role. After introducing her research work, Professor Ying Ding discussed the topic of “indirect citation”. Most of the teachers and classmates participated in the discussion and expressed their opinions.


At the end of the lecture, Professor Ying Ding had an in-depth exchange with the teachers and students who had asked questions, and the lecture ended in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. Chengzhi Zhang summarized this lecture. This lecture has enabled our teachers and students to further understand the data intelligence and open up new horizons for future academic research, which will benefit everyone.


Speaker Profile: Dr. Ying Ding is Changjiang Scholar in Ministry of Education in Wuhan University and Professor of School of Information and Computing in Indiana University. She is currently the director of the Ph.D. program in information science. She has hosted or co-chaired 22 projects funded by NIH, NSF and European-Union, and has published more than 190 papers in prestigious academic journals and various academic conferences. She has served as a project committee member of more than 180 international conferences and has received wide academic attention. She is a co-editor of the Semantic Web Synthesis series of books, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Data and Information Science, and a member of the editorial board of four ISI journals. She is the co-founder of the Data2Discovery company and is committed to cutting-edge technology in the field of data science. The current research direction mainly includes data-driven knowledge discovery, semantic network, knowledge map, scientific research cooperation and network technology application.