Call for Papers-2019 “Data Empowerment Management” Academic Innovation Conference for Graduate Students in Jiangsu Province

Practice-turn is a perspective that has been proposed to be re-examined and referenced in the process of teaching and research in the field of international management. In the era of big data, the development of information technologies, such as data science, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, have brought tremendous changes in society. Management disciplines and management practices have been deeply affected. The education of management in the new era is facing a great opportunity for innovation and development, and also many challenges of transformation and upgrading. In order to better interpret the evolution of the paradigm brought by data science in the era of big data, further extend the data-driven research to the data-driven academic innovation practice, and explore the practical innovation of data empowerment in various fields of management, we specially held 2019 “Data Empowerment Management” Academic Innovation Conference for Graduate Students in Jiangsu Province to promote academic communication among them.

The conference will not only provide an academic exchange opportunity for graduate students in management, but also focus on the current academic hotspots and development frontiers. It aims to demonstrate the latest research and practical achievements in recent years, and train young and outstanding scholars. Besides, it also can strengthen the cooperation between management education units, broaden the academic vision of postgraduates, stimulate innovative thinking, improve research innovation ability of postgraduate and the quality of postgraduate training. We warmly welcome graduate students from fields related to management to contribute and participate!


1. Time and Place of the Conference

June 29-30, 2019 at Nanjing University of Science and Technology


2. Theme of the Conference

Management development and innovation of data empowerment: Openness, Integration, Collaboration


3. Forms of the Conference

Conducted by invited academic reports, seminars, teacher-student discussions, etc., mainly include:

(1) Keynote reports by distinguished experts in the field of domestic management;

(2) Group paper discussion, comment and communication;

(3) Interaction with the editor-in-chief of journals: a round-table discussion on academic research and thesis.


4. Topics of the Paper

The conference is based on big data and built around the academic innovation and practical exploration of “data empowerment management”. The specific topics include (but not limited to the following topics):

(1) Data-empowered information resource management, such as data-driven information resource planning, data-intensive intelligence analysis and services, scientific big data and evaluation, and data-oriented user information behavior analysis;

(2) Data-driven management science and decision making, such as data-based strategic decision making and entrepreneurial innovation, data-driven e-commerce modeling, supply chain pricing and channel analysis with big data, data-driven quality management and process optimization;

(3) Enterprise management and innovation driven by big data, such as data-driven enterprise process reengineering, data-driven marketing management, data-driven talent management innovation, and organizational behavior research based on data analysis;

(4) Financial management in the era of big data, such as financial market forecasting based on big data, corporate financial management and financial pricing, data-driven financial risk management, financial technology and decision-making on the Internet;

(5) Financial decisions based on big data, such as data-driven investment analysis, financing forecasting and risk management based on big data analysis, financial decision analysis based on business, financial and tax integration;

(6) Competitive advantage cultivation in China’s foreign trades based on big data, such as new business opportunities based on data mining, foreign trade competitiveness driven by big data, foreign trade new model empowered by big data, big data boosting foreign trade new measures, foreign trade big data products and service applications.


5. Requirements

(1) Requirements of the Author

The conference is for graduate students (including master and PhD students) in the field of domestic management. Specific discipline fields include but are not limited to: library information and archives management, management science and engineering, business management, agriculture and forestry economic management, public management, accounting, etc. Please indicate the scope of the main topic of the paper in the header in order to facilitate the review of the paper.

(2) Important Time Points

Deadline for paper submission: May 31, 2019.

Paper acceptance and participation notice: issued before June 10, 2019.

Please send the paper to the conference email:

(3) Requirements of the Paper

The submitted papers must be unpublished original research results, and the number of words should be controlled at around 10,000 words. The format of the submitted papers should be in accordance with “Publishing Guidelines and Format Specifications” of the Journal of Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery.


(4) Acceptance, awards and publication

We will invite experts to conduct rigorous evaluation and selection of submitted papers; and we will select the first, second and third prizes of excellent papers according to the quantity and quality of submitted papers, and then issue honorary certificates and prizes; excellent papers will be recommended to “Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information”, “Library and Information Service”, “China Finance Review International”, “Journal of Information Resources Management”, “Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery” and other publications (continuously updated...).


6. Fees of the Conference

The conference does not charge any conference fees. And we provide authors of excellent papers with room and board during the conference (Note: each paper is limited to one author); welcome relevant doctors/postgraduates, experts, scholars, and practitioners to participate. Transportation and accommodation are covered by participants.


7.Contact Information

(1) The contact person and the main topics of his or her responsibility:

Yuxiang Zhao (18918156537) (Information Resource Management of Data Empowerment)

Zhe Zhang (13415933538) (Data Driven Management Science and Decision)

Guang Duan (13815855814) (Big Data Driven Enterprise Management and Innovation)

Yudong Wang (13681663442) (Financial Management in the Era of Big Data)

Deqiang Deng (13913028074) (Financial Decision Based on Big Data)

Hongbing You (13913869288) (China’s Foreign Trade Competitive Advantage Cultivation Based on Big Data)

(2) E-mail for the conference:


8. Host and Organizer

(1) Organizer: Jiangsu Provincial Education Commission

(2) Undertaker: Nanjing University of Science and Technology

(3) Media supporter: “Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information”, “Library and Information Service”, “China Finance Review International”, “Journal of Information Resources Management”, “Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery” and other publications (continuously updated...)


Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Organizing Committee of the Academic Innovation Conference of “Data Empowerment Management”

                                               April 22, 2019