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Representative publications in recent 3 years

1.Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology  

  • Yingyi Zhang, Chengzhi Zhang*, Jing Li. Joint Modeling of Characters, Words, and Conversation Contexts for Microblog Keyphrase Extraction. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2019 (in press) 

  • Zhao Y.*, Peng X, Liu Z, Song S. Factors that Affect Asker’s Pay Intention in Tri-lateral Payment-based Social Q&A Platforms: From a Benefit and Cost Perspective. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 2019 forthcoming.

  • Yao, X., Zhang, C., Qu, Z., & Tan, B. (2019). Global village or virtual balkans? evolution and performance of scientific collaboration in the information age. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 2019  Forthcoming.

  • Chao Lu, Yi Bu, Jie Wang, Ying Ding, Vetle Torvik, Matthew Schnaars, Chengzhi Zhang*. Examining scientific writing styles from the perspective of linguistic complexity. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2019, 70(5):462-475.  

  •  Zhao Y.*, Xu X, Peng, X, Song, S. Understanding the determinants and dynamic process of user exodus behavior in social networking sites: Evidence from Kaixin001. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 2018, 69 (4): 553-565.

 2. Journal of Informetrics

  • Shen S, Zhu D, Rousseau R, et al. A refined method for computing bibliographic coupling strengths. Journal of Informetrics, 2019, 13(2): 605-615.

  • Yu, H.Q., Xu, S.M., & Xiao, T.T. (2018). Is there Lingua Franca in informal scientific communication? Evidence from language distribution of scientific tweets. Journal of Informetrics, 12(3), 605-617. 

  • Yu, H.Q., Xu, S.M., Xiao, T.T., Hemminger, B.M., etc. (2017). Global science discussed in local altmetrics: Weibo and its comparison with Twitter. Journal of Informetrics. 11(2): 466-482.

  • Guo Chen, Lu Xiao. Selecting publication keywords for domain analysis in bibliometrics: A comparison of three methods. Journal of Informetrics ,2016(1). 


  • Xiaolan Wu, Chengzhi Zhang*. Finding High-Impact Interdisciplinary Users Based on Friend Discipline Distribution in Academic Social Networking Sites. Scientometrics, 2019 (In Press).

  •  Ma, Shutian, Xu, Jin, Zhang, Chengzhi. Automatic Identification of Cited Text Spans: A Multi-Classifier Approach over Imbalanced Dataset. Scientometrics, 2018, 116(2): 1303-1330.

  •  Shen S, Rousseau R, Wang D. Do papers with an institutional e-mail address receive more citations than those with a non-institutional one?[J]. Scientometrics, 2018, 115(2): 1039-1050.

  •  Bikun Chen. Usage Pattern Comparison of the Same Scholarly Articles Between Web of Science (WoS) and Springer[J]. Scientometrics. 2018, 115(1): 519-537.

  • Shenmeng, X. , Houqiang, Y. , Hemminger, B. M. , & Xie, D. . (2018). Who, what, why? an exploration of jove scientific video publications in tweets. Scientometrics.

  •  Chao Lu, Ying Ding, Chengzhi Zhang*. Understanding the impact change of a highly cited article: a content-based citation analysis. Scientometrics. 2017, 112(2): 927-945.

  •  Yu, H.Q. Context of altmetrics matters: investigation to count type and user category. Scientometrics. 2017,111(1): 267-283. 

  •  Yu, L.P., & Yu, H.Q. (2016). Does the average JIF percentile make a difference?. Scientometrics, 109(3), 1979-1987.

  •  Qingqing Zhou, Chengzhi Zhang*, Star X. Zhao, Bikun Chen. Measuring Book Impact Based on the Multi-granularity Online Review Mining. Scientometrics. 2016, 107(3): 1435-1455.

  •  Lu Xiao, Guo Chen, Jianjun Sun, Shuguang Han, Chengzhi Zhang. Exploring the topic hierarchy of digital library research in China using keyword networks: a K-core decomposition approach. Scientometrics, 2016, 108(3): 1085–1101.

4.Aslib Journal of Information Management 

  • Lei Li, Daqing He, Chengzhi Zhang*, Li Geng, Ke Zhang. Characterizing Peer-Judged Answer Quality on Academic Q&A Sites: A Cross-Disciplinary Case Study on ResearchGate. Aslib Journal of Information Management, 2018, 70(3):269-287.

  • Wei Quan, Bikun Chen, Fei Shu. Publish or Impoverish: An Investigation of the Monetary Reward System of Science in China (1999-2016). Aslib Journal of Information Management. 2017, 69(5): 486-502.

5.The Electronic Library

  • Xinning Su, Chengzhi Zhang, Daqing He. Guest editorial: managing bigger online data. The Electronic Library. 2017, 35(4): 622-625

  •  Qingqing Zhou, Chengzhi Zhang*. Emotion evolutions of sub-topics about popular events on microblogs. The Electronic Library. 2017, 35(4): 770-782.

  •  Qiangbing Wang, Shutian Ma, Chengzhi Zhang*. Predicting Users’ Demographic Characteristics in a Chinese Social Media Network. The Electronic Library. 2017, 35(4): 758-769.

  • Peng Wu, Si Shen, Daqing He, Jia Tina Du, A belief–desire–intention model for blog users’ negative emotional norm compliance: Decision-making in crises[J], The Electronic Library,2017

  •  Chao Lu, Chengzhi Zhang*, Daqing He. Comparative analysis of book tags: a cross-lingual perspective. The Electronic Library. 2016, 34(4):666-682.

6. Others

  • Chengzhi Zhang, Qingqing Zhou. Online Investigation of users’ attitudes using automatic question answering. Online Information Review. 2018, 42(3): 419-435.

  • Zhao Y*, and Zhu Q. Conceptualizing task affordance in online crowdsourcing context. Online Information Review, 2016, 40(7): 938-958.

  • Wu, K., Vassileva, J., & Zhao, Y. Understanding users' intention to switch personal cloud storage services: Evidence from the Chinese market. Computers in Human Behavior, 2017, 68, 300-314.

  • Chengzhi Zhang*, Hua Zhao, Xuehua Chi, Shutian Ma. Information Organization Patterns from Online Users in a Social Network. Knowledge Organization. 2019, 46(2): 90-103.

  • Qingqing Zhou, Rui Xia, Chengzhi Zhang*. Online shopping behavior study based on multi-granularity opinion mining: China vs. America. Cognitive Computation. 2016, 8(4): 587-602.

  • Yao, X., Lu, X., Phang, C. W., & Ba, S. (2017). Dynamic sales impacts of online physical product sampling. Information & Management, 54(5), 599-612.

  • Lu, X., Phang, C. W., Ba, S., & Yao, X. (2018). Know who to give: Enhancing the effectiveness of online product sampling. Decision Support Systems, 105, 77-86.

  • Zhang Jinzhu. Uncovering mechanisms of co-authorship evolution by multirelations-based link prediction. Information Processing & Management, 2017, 53(1): 42-51.